Doonesbury is now at The Washington Post

I have been reading Doonesbury for as long as I can remember. The strip was there when I first came to political consciousness, which would be about the time the Watergate scandal was breaking. I’m still a big fan. For some time Doonesbury was “hosted” at Slate but, for reasons beyond my interest, it is now going to be hosted at The Washington Post. If you simply search “Doonesbury,” it goes to the Post page.
In a fun little bit of history noted by the Post, they link to a strip created 41 years ago, saying that it did not run in the Post when first drawn in 1973, no doubt for reasons of legal liability.
In it a character, Mark Slackmeyer, announces that Attorney General John Mitchell is “guilty, guilty, guilty” of Watergate related crimes. Mitchell would, of course, later be found guilty, but had not been at the time the original strip ran. 
The comic resurfaces because while “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau is on open-ended hiatus from his daily strip (he’s still providing fresh Sundays), The Post is publishing his reruns, and the current offerings — as selected by Trudeau and his syndicate, Universal Uclick — are from 1973.


I have no idea if Doonesbury resonates with a younger audience. For me, it’s pure nostalgia, even if the characters keep up with current events. In fact, that they are currently running the old ones is fine with me. 
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