Behind the Ad: Whatever it is, I’m agin it (#GA-12 CD)

Who: The Delvis Dutton campaign for U.S. CongressGeorgia_US_Congressional_District_12_(since_2013).tif
Where: Georgia 12th Congressional District
What: Mr. Dutton is a Republican state representative. He’s running for the GOP nomination in the Georgia 12th. The incumbent is Democratic Rep. John Barrow, who is, according to the The Cook Political Report, the “only white Democrat left standing in the Deep South.” They note, however, that he did win in 2012 by a very impressive 54 to 46 percent margin, even after Republican redistricting had made it a far more conservative seat. His formula for success is that he is one of those Blue Dog Democrats able to distance himself from his own party. This, along with the fact that his 2012 GOP challenger refused to debate, which didn’t go over so well. And, of yeah, President Obama was at the top of the ticket, which drove African-American turnout.
Rick Allen, a wealthy homebuilder, is likely to be the GOP nominee in 2014. Allen lost the GOP nomination to Lee Anderson by just 159 votes in 2012.
Borrow is a great constituency politician with a proven track record of winning votes you might not think would be available to a Democrat. Case in point is that in 2012 he ran a full 10 points ahead of President Obama , 54 to 44 percent.
The race callers see this one as lean Democratic, probably based on incumbency, but say it could easily slip into the toss up column before it’s all over. Afterall, it’s a midterm, it’s the South, and the district is red. Ouch!
As for Devlis Dutton, he’s an also-ran, but the ad is kind of a chuckle. The man says he’s not running “for” Congress, he’s running “against” Congress, as he slams the door of his truck. Well, thank you for beating us over the head with that!
Grade: On cheekiness, I’ll give it a gentleman’s C.

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