Behind the Ad: The freedom to die without healthcare in Oklahoma

Who: Rep. James Lankford U.S. Senate campaign
Where: Oklahoma
What: In January, Rep. Lankford announced that he would run in the special election to succeed Sen. Tom Coburn, who will step down at the end of 2014, leaving two year in his term.  Oklahoma is a red state, so this is all about the primary. Announced candidates are Lankford, state House speaker T.W. Shannon, and former state senator Randy Brogdon.
Lankford has been a member of the House since 2011.
The relatively small sample size polling that has been done has either Lankford or Shannon ahead at any given time, with Brogdon well back. Lankford and Shannon are just as close in fundraising.
One of the the interesting things about this campaign is that Lankford, one very conservative dude, seems not be conservative enough.

Tea party celebrities Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee descended here [recently] to anoint their candidate to replace retiring Republican Sen. Tom Coburn: Republican former state House Speaker T.W. Shannon.


By embracing Shannon, they are leaving behind Rep. James Lankford, the fifth-highest-ranking member of the House GOP leadership, who is also bidding for the last two years of Coburn’s term. Lankford could be forgiven for thinking he had a shot at such prominent endorsements, since he rode the tea party wave of 2010 to a seat in the House. But the conservative glitterati think Shannon is a true believer and that Lankford has disappointed them by voting to raise the debt ceiling and joining Speaker John Boehner’s team.

By all accounts, a very close race is expected and a likely August runoff if neither of the two leading candidates gets past the 50 percent needed in the June 24 primary.
The ad below is all about preaching to the base, as Lankford tells a few nodding “constituents” that Obamacare is all about taking away our freedom. And I suppose he is against Medicare too as that would also deprive the older folks in the ad their freedom.
Grade: Lankford is running to prove that he is a real conservative, and, in America, you do that by talking about how much you hate everything government does (aside from law enforcement and a strong military). Yes, this is what he needs to be doing. Just love it that some of the most conservative Republicans don’t cut it with the Palin crowd. B

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