Behind the Ad: All politics is local, and frequently nutty

Who: The Rob McCord (D) campaign for governor
Where: Pennsylvania
What: State Treasurer Rob McCord is running for the Democratic nomination in the Pennsylvania governor’s race. The frontrunner for the Democratic nomination is businessman Tom Wolf. In the ad, McCord hits Wolf for his pervasive ads and that his company uses a cabinet manufacturer in Indiana.
“We’ve all seen Tom Wolf’s ads about his business, his kitchen cabinets and PA manufacturing so when I heard that they manufacture those cabinets in Indiana, I figured they were made by workers here,” McCord says to the camera. “[But] it’s not Indiana, Pennsylvania. It’s Indiana Indiana.” 
Okay, I guess. Doesn’t exactly sound like a massive scandal to me, but I don’t live in Pennsylvania and I have a job. And it should be noted that Wolf disputes the claim, saying that he has created jobs in a lot of places, including Pennsylvania.
Also running for the Democratic nomination are Rep. Allyson Schwartz and Kathleen McGinty, former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
Republican Governor Tom Corbett is running for a second term. Unfortunately for Corbett, he is considered by many to be very vulnerable due to remarkably low approval numbers, with a poll last summer finding that only 20 percent of voters thought he should be reelected. The Washington Post considers this race among the most likely for a party switch.
Grade: Politics PA notes that the issue of exporting jobs is a natural for McCord as he has scored the greatest quantity of Pennsylvania labor organizations of anyone in the race. I guess this means he kind of had to go there, though the total “truthiness” of the claim may be in doubt. It seems that things are getting nasty in this Pennsylvania primary, as you would expect when the incumbent is vulnerable. I have to admit, however, that McCord’s folksy style is somewhat effective inthe ad. B-
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