Behind the Ad: Willie Horton never really goes away

Who: The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA)
Where: South Carolina
What: This one really pisses me off and is beyond despicable. The RGA is attacking South Carolina Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen for legal work he has done.
In the ad, released on Monday, they lambaste Sheheen for doing work as a lawyer defending a sex offender who abused a minor.
According to local press:

Kershaw County court documents show that the defendant involved in the case received five years of probation in addition to the time he served in jail, 38 days. The plea was listed as a “negotiated sentence,” which means the prosecutor and defense attorney have agreed on a deal. The victim usually also signs off on a plea, attorneys say.

An RGA spokesman says, however, that “voters have a right to know about Sheheen’s record,” and that “Sheheen claims to be tough on crime and violence towards women, but his past shows that is simply not true.”
Give me a break. 
The obvious point is that this is how the system works and, as Kos points out, Sheheen didn’t “reduce” anything, he negotiated a plea with the prosecutor.
Of note is the fact that many in the legal world have attacked the ad.
The incumbent is Nikki Haley (R), who has had her own legal problems. But this is a hard place for a Democrat to win, though it sure would be sweet. And if Republicans are running crap like this, they might be somewhat frightened of the prospect. 
Grade: Based on effectiveness, who knows? The party of Willie Horton certainly knows how to scare the crap out of people. But I am still inclined to think most voters are familiar  with how the legal system works, if only because of all those procedural crime dramas on television. C-

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